Friday, August 17, 2007

Someone stole my body!!!

I am mad. Not an angry, bitter, old hag or anything. Just mad as hell. I feel like I woke up and someone stole my body in the middle of the night. However, these thieves weren’t your ordinary kind. They were kind enough to return my body. But, the cruel twist is that they returned the WRONG BODY!!!

The body that they left me with was a size 22/24! OMG!!! I mean, how cruel can you get? Couldn’t they have returned a size 6 body or something? Not only that, this new body has all these aches and pains. And for the love of god…what is this cellulite they put on me?

If you have any idea where my body could have gone…please let me know. I have already put out an APB.

The only response that I have received was…..”Have you thought about a diet…maybe you will be able to find her that way?”


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