Saturday, August 18, 2007

I read this in People the other day....

I read it in this month People about how Kirstie and Valerie Bertenelli have lost 100 something pounds between them. I think that is awesome. They are doing Jenny Craig. I did Jenny Craig way back in my early 20's. It was great. It is just over time, I added the weight back.

But, something that Kirstie said in her article bothered me. She said that why she is opposed to Gastric Bypass is because you are still stuck with the problem of how you got fat in the first place. That is totally ok that she is against surgery. A lot of people are. However, maybe some people don't deal with the inside while working on the outside.

But, I am here to tell you that is a huge part of this surgery. Dealing with feelings, your past, your hurts...your everything. In the program that I am is a HUGE. She is right you might lose all that weight...but, you are still the same person on the inside. But, what I have had to go through is go alllllll the way back to my childhood and how my parents ate, my habits, when was the first "life event" that took place, how to I handle it with food, what did I feel about my body image. We are covering everything. It has been so enlightening to me to really see what a profound effect food has had on me.

Absolutely, I didn't eat the right things all the that. I used food as a friend, instead of food....check, got that. But, what we are working on now is how to transfer my relationship with food and make it a "non-issue". Meaning, I am learning how to channel my stress and frustrations in other positive outlets.

I know that I have some uphill battles ahead of me with surgery. I know that. But, half the battle is what I have been going through up until this point. Getting emotionally and physically prepared. I do know that Surgery is not the magic pill. But, this chick has done her emotional homework to figure out how to change how I am with food on the inside. So, Kirstie...I hear ya sister about not being for surgery. But, don't just assume that people who have surgery don't have to go through SERIOUS life altering changes on the inside too.

I am proud of her though..both of them. They have lost that weight and we should all rally behind each other whichever method that we choose. Fat is fat my friends. Getting it off and to stay off is what counts.

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