Monday, December 15, 2008

Moving this Blog

My new residence is Laughter Through the Storm

I have stopped writing about weight loss and weight loss surgery. My life over the past year has changed dramatically. So, my focus was no longer on the was on surviving. I can say that the surgery from a medical stand point was a success. However, my body did not appreciate it. I have been in the hospital (as a patient) at least 12 times since last October. That does not include ER visits and specialists. They are not all related to the Bypass. I suppose some of these things were going to happen anyway. Regardless, my life has not been the same since Oct. 11, 2007.

So, I have chosen to focus on the positive, and finding laughter in the middle of a raging storm. That could be in the form of health, family crisis, any crisis.

I pray for you all out there that are going through the surgery or thinking about it. I wish you all nothing but the absolute best!!! Please come and visit me over at my new home!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!