Saturday, May 24, 2008

Almost 90 lbs. gone!!

I am a few weeks away from my 8 month anniversary. It is so hard to believe. I hate to say, but, I have been back in the hospital again. A lot of abdominal pain. They did a laproscopic "scope" and I had yet another internal hernia and adhesions. Good lord, I had that done in February. The bad thing that has come up is that I have to go to Duke to have yet another surgery done. Something is screwed up with my bile ducts, so, it takes a special machine to check them out. This is not because of the Bypass, but, unfortunately, since I had the cannot do this test the normal way. The normal way is to just do a scope down the throat, check things out and do a snip, snip here and there and you are good.

NOPE...with me, they will have to go through my stomach and put the scope all the way up and pray to God that they do not knick my pancreas (this procedure has a 30% chance of Pancreatitis). So, I am really disappointed and upset about this set back. I was doing so well and moving and grooving and feeling pretty great!. However, now I am back to the bed and having a hard time getting anything to stay in my body. Which is making me incredibly weak.

Please pray for me and my family that we will get through this.

Would I have the surgery again? I think so, still can't feel a 100% about it. But, I would definitely not recommend it for others. I absolutely, positively feel it is an individual choice. It has done what I wanted it to do....take care of the diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. All that is gone. However, my body did not like the surgery, so, it is rejecting a lot of things that I have no control over. I was supposed to be the "easy" surgery.

I have lost almost 90 lbs. Crazy thought..... I don't care about the weight as much as I care about being able to gear up for these charity walks that I want to do so badly!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!