Sunday, August 19, 2007

Musings at the Mall

I am a lover of fashion. You would never ever know it by the way that I dress now. But, I am fascinated by colors, designs, trends, the way things shape your body. How the cloth feels against your skin, what type of texture is it?...does it hug too tight?, or does it flow? It's not that I don't want to be fashionable...but, the marketplace hasn't really helped us gals in the over size 14 department, not to mention...the size 24 department.

But, being a Plus Size Gal....the mall can be an evil, evil place.

The boutique stores mock me with the latest and greatest trends that go up to about a size "14" and sister...that is pushing it if you make up to the size 14. (you start getting the "look" if you ask if there are any bigger sizes in those types of shops)

Then, there are the "department" stores that offer "Plus Size" clothing to us lovely ladies. I swear to goodness that the same designer makes all of the clothes and their names must be "Granny Ethyl and Gertie Gertrude". Because not only does it look like they made a shirt/dress/pants out of a potato sack...but, she got a spray can and sprayed big ass flowers all over it. (see a great example...see above picture). For the LOVE OF all that is holy...what is up with the flowers?! THEN, there are the dresses. Best if I don't get started on that. Interestingly, most of the clothes have a touch of a "elderly home" smell to them. Feeling completely deflated...I go down to my tried and true "Lane Bryant".

I give some "kudos" to Lane Bryant. But, they piss me off too. With all due respect, they do try to keep up with some trends. But, their prices are ridiculous. Rude as it may sound..I know damn well that they ship these clothes out to another country to be made. I can GUARANTEE you that adding a little bit more cloth to a shirt, a dress, and or underwear does not cost the manufacturer exponentially that much more. But, yet....for a nice is about 50.00. No big deal right? Well, if I jump over to the Gap or another store for the same shirt, smaller size. SHOCKING...... 1/2 the price. I have every right to dress in the latest fashions too, just because I have a little "junk in my trunk" does not mean that I don't have fashion rights!

Do I wear a sign on my swelly belly when I walk into the store...."I AM FAT....SO, IT IS YOUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO CHARGE ME MORE". If I could get away with it, and didn't have my children with me, and wasn't afraid to do it....I seriously would pull down my pants and bend over to show my big fat white butt and say " you can kiss my @%#!" But, being the polite person that I am, I smile at the sales lady and say... "sure, I will take that semi fashionable pair of pants that will take me 2 months to pay off because it had a little more fabric added onto it". And with a smile....I wave goodbye to the only store that tries to care. All the while muttering really naughty words underneath my breath.

HOWEVER....there is hope. One of favorite actresses, designer, all around great celebrity is Sarah Jessica Parker who is trying to make a difference. She makes clothes up to size 30 and nothing is over 20.00. Very hip clothes regardless of age. Sad thing is....there are 4 stores in my state that carry them, and not one are near me. But, thank you Sarah for caring. No sarcasm here. See a need....fill a need. More should get on the train and do something about this fashion travesty!! My mission in life (if I could ever figure out how to sew), would to get out there and make an impact in this area.

More mall musings from today to come :)

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