Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fat Rant

I am on a roll today with writing. I obviously am stressing and thinking about food way too much. So, I am writing a lot today to get my mind off of things. The kids are on play dates and that leaves me with a little bit of free time. SHOCK!!!

When you watch this video from You Tube that I have on "Fat Rant". She has such a good point! No matter what weight you are, if you feel like you are overweight...a lot of us use being overweight as an excuse. An excuse for so many things. are my latest excuses....

I am terrified of going to my High School Reunion because I am fat. Maybe on my 50th reunion or something. Because surely, I will be thinner when I am 80 something. Right?

I will buy more clothes when I lose weight. Because larger sizes are too expensive and are just not fashionable. I will just stick to the oversized t-shirts and jogging pants, because that is really sexy.

I can't go to my husbands work outing and have people see me like this. I will wait until I lose some more weight.

I can't get back in touch with my oldest and dearest friends who knew me when I was thinner. What will they think? They may want me to visit or something. I can't do that. They will be so disappointed in me. I will wait.

Oh sorry, i can't go to Ladies Night Out for our monthly neighborhood get together. Why? Oh...well, I can feel a headache coming on. Truth be told.....I am the biggest one there. I just know they are judging me.

OH? You want me to volunteer at my kids school? Ummmm....I think I have a busy schedule until 2010. That way, if I don't go to her school....the kids won't laugh at me and she won't be hurt.

SURE!! I will write that screenplay. As long as some 20 something skinny chick hands it in to a producer. Because, if they find out that I am fat....I am so out of here. So, best keep straggling along on this screenplay that i am writing.

OK OK OK you get the picture.

I realize how all ridiculous this sounds. In fact, we all do it. We make excuses for everything. I realize that I have. I realize that I have lost the last few years of my life waiting to do stuff until I lost "weight". I realize that with or without this has to go on and it will go on.

I think that I have a lot to offer as a person. No, I know I do. This woman is right on this video blog. We have to stand up for ourselves and be proud. No, I am not proud of being obese. But, I am doing stuff about it. I am trying. What I am proud of is that I am not giving up. I want to be a better friend, mother, wife, sister, everything. But, i can't do that until I come to terms with the fact that weight does not define me as a person.

I am working on it. I am going to step on down to Florida in my best "Plus Size" attire with my head held up to my HS reunion next month. And, I am not going to apologize for my weight. I will be proud of being me.

Check out this Joy Nash's video blog. I love funny, sarcastic things. But, she does make a good point.

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