Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do you think.....

that the way the world perceives obesity is sometimes the way that we expect them to perceive?

Case in point....I went to 3 different stores today. I rarely look at people in the eye anymore. I automatically assume that they are making judgments about me. I am assuming that they are watching everything that I put in my shopping cart. I assume that if they smile at me, they must be an escape convict or something.

But, in reality....could it be that just maybe they are not even thinking about what I look like for one minute? Maybe they are in such a hurry to get home to their life that they don't see anyone. Maybe they look straight past me because something not so happy is going on in their life. Maybe just maybe, it isn't all about me. But yet, I have already made my judgments and perceptions before I ever walk in that door. I automatically assume that people are staring at the "big girl".

Maybe we just all need to get out of our heads for just a minute. Maybe we should start holding our heads up just a little higher. When are we going to wake up and realize that life is happening before our eyes and we are missing it because we are too busy assuming.

I am going to start working really hard on holding my head up. No matter what weight I am.

Hope you will too.

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