Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weight and your past

I utterly and completely believe that so much of our weight comes from our past, our feelings about ourselves. I believe that our environment as a youth impacted our way of thinking about our bodies, especially as young women or men.

Educating our children now is so important. I am all for Body Acceptance and Dieting should be eradicated from the earth!! :) I wished I had a foundation growing up based on accepting my body for the way it was. I wished that I wasn't put on a diet as a teenager. I wish I knew what healthy eating looked like, but, I can't go back and change it.

My parents were stress eaters. I watched what they ate, and so much focus was on me being a "big girl", when in reality...I really wasn't. Dieting lead down a destructive path. A road that I wished I never took. But, I did and for other reasons that I will discuss later. That and being introduced to the world of dieting at such an early age led to some serious health issues for me. When you yo-yo so much, your bodies metabolism really gets messed with. Your hormones get out of whack. Eventually, your body doesn't know whether it is coming or going.

Anyway, I wonder if you learned bad habits growing up and how your upbringing affected your weight? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I *did* learn bad habits growing up and was slightly overweight as a teen but it didnt become a problem until, as an adult, I went through some severe trauma and used to it to get by. My problem wasnt so much with food as with my ability to cope with stress. Maybe if I had a way of dealing with that then weight and what I eat wouldnt have been such a big issue.

Tracy said...

So true........ I'm the fat sister... who always tried to "race" my dad at the dinner table... only now do I know that the only one that KNEW we were racing was ME! Speed Kills! :)

Even now... eating too fast with my band KILLS me.

Good Luck, your surgery is coming up

Kimberly said...

Hi! I'm in the early stages of considering WLS and of selecting a "structured diet program" for six months (people, I have been on a freaking diet my entire life!). Just wanted to tell you that I wish you all the best in your journey and I'm looking foward to reading how it all goes for you as part of my own research!