Sunday, September 9, 2007

My first support group meeting..

I went to my first support group meeting yesterday (not Duke sponsored) and it was so great to meet people who have already had surgery. In fact, I was the only pre-op. It was so inspirational to meet these beautiful ladies that had come out on the other side. One woman was 7 years out and to hear her advice and comments were invaluable.

Don't get me wasn't that their surgeries were all sunshine. Each of them had complications. I wanted to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I knew of all the complications going into this. But, it was also good to hear real life experiences. But, each of them are fine...they are feeling better and their health is better.

Of course, I had the "you don't look like you need surgery" talk. At first, it made me upset. But, then, I realize that it just a different perspective. I don't think it was meant to be negative. I am right at 5'8 and with these tennis shoes that I makes me about 5'10. I felt extremely tall. The rest of the women were a little shorter. So, I think why everyone was surprised at my weight and my clothes size is that I am taller. I wear my weight a little different.

I had a great time....but, it did leave me with a lot of mixed "is she right, am i really too small to have it done?, or am I wrong for having this done?".

I am 256 lbs, size 24/26. How is that too small? was great to meet others who have gone through the process and I found some great friends!

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Anonymous said...

I got a lot of the same thing from people pre-op. I'm 5'7 and my weight when I started the process was 274. I wore size 24 or 26 bottoms and 3XL or 26/28 tops. I must carry my weight fairly well too, because most people were stunned when I told them I was getting RNY. I asked myself all the same questions too.

Now, at almost six weeks out and down 46 lbs people are telling me every day that I look wonderful and they can really tell that I've lost weight. It validates my choice, because today I am 228 lbs and I'm still fat, but not as fat. When I get down around 160 I will tell those people who thought I was crazy just how much weight I was actually carrying and maybe they'll understand my choice. And if they don't? Oh well!

I look forward to following you along your journey. We're the same age and starting out in similar weight areas.

Good luck!